I got a lot of fan mail wanting to hear more about these relationships, particularly my time with my niece Lori, thus I asked Sheri to write up her description of events. Read Sheri's account and you'll get more details of our interaction (including Lori and me), particularly at my wedding.

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Princess - Ch. 04 Being in public, security issues, immigration, and engaging Carrie's sister Carrie, Marjorie, Jerry, and I stayed in the cabin for three more days. On Sunday, we packed up and left.

I'm so glad you are slowly joining us. I've always thought you were such a nice person, and wanted to get to know you better. I have loved that you've been around in the afternoons and evenings with the babies, but I love you not as a babysitter, but as a hot babe I'd like to.

well. kiss, and as someone to chat with and learn with.

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